Joey Graceffa’s Live Show

For those of you who didn’t see Joey Graceffa’s two-and-a-half-hour live show on Youtube yesterday, you’re in luck. He’s uploaded it to his channel.

Yesterday evening Joey Graceffa hosted his first live show to raise funds for his new production Storytellers, created by him. Whitney Milam and Luke Conard were the first there helping Joey sort out the live show and were later joined by Cat Valdes (better known as Catrific).

Joey and Luke danced, twerked, read a Shoey fanfic, Whitney and Luke licked almond butter off Joey’s cheek and they prank called somebody. I won’t say who.

During the day the Kickstarter lost almost $10000 and during the live show they raised $20000. The total currently lies at $114000.

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