New Strawburry17 Merch on the Way?

Meghan Camarena, a.k.a. Strawburry17, showed a bag in a recent vlog and said we won’t get to see what’s in that until August 5th. Next she instagrammed ’25 days. One fan pointed out that’s August 5th.

The stealth operation, may have been revealed by Meghan’s cousin Princess (@princessprinco) who tweeted this:

Shot some BTS of Strawburry17 merch shoot. Ya’ll looked great! @KalelKitten @smpfilms @Katersoneseven @ConnorFranta @Nikki Phillippi (cont.)

In the following tweet she tagged Jimmy Wong (Meghan’s boyfriend), Joey Graceffa, Jenn McAllister (jennxpenn) and David Camarena (Meghan’s brother).

Are you as excited as we are to see the results of this shoot, we are.

Check out Meghan on Youtube at /Strawburry17 and /Lifeburry, and on Twitter and Instagram @strawburry17 .


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