YouTubers @ 2013 SD Comic Con


Youtubers have flocked to San Diego, California for the sure to be epic 2013 Comic Con. Youtube’s age demographic is teenagers, so expect your favourite books-to-movies to be panelling there.

Joey Graceffa, Jimmy Wong, Justine Ezarik and her sister Jenna, are all in attendance this weekend. One fan excitedly tweeted a picture of her and Meghan.

Joey, Stacysays (Stacy who works at and is great friends with Joey and Meghan), and Meghan all hit up the Divergent panel this afternoon.

Joey asked Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Tobias) what would be in their fear landscape if it were real.’s live blog said Theo talked about hummus and Shailene said the crows from the books sounded terrifying.

Check out these channels and accounts on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram
Joey: /joeygraceffa & @JoeyGraceffa
Meghan: /strawburry17 and /lifeburry & @strawburry17
Jimmy: /jimmy & @jfwong
Jenna: /itsmejennae & @jennaezarik
Justine: /ijustine and /otherijustine & @ijustine
Stacy: /stacyplays & @stacysays


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