Tyler Oakley: 2013 VidCon Schedule

Tyler Oakley has announced his 2013 VidCon schedule via Tumblr. The funnyman is very busy this year. Here’s his schedule.

Friday, August 2, 2013

HOST THE MAINSTAGE (9am-10:30am – arena) – with my co-host Hannah Hart, we’ll have plenty of special guests like Jack & Finn, Pentatonix, Smosh, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and more!

Watch What Happens… at VidCon (11am-12pm – 204ABC) – I’ll sit down with Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” host and executive producer Andy Cohen to discuss how the two of us met, our love for Cher and One Direction, WWHL, YouTube, and more – with audience participation and challenges – it’s going to be big. AND! I’m going to be announcing my HUGE AUGUST SURPRISE during this – hear all the juicy details about it FIRST before I announce it online!

Official Tyler Oakley KiKi Session (2pm-3pm – Ballroom ABC) – It’s an intimate talk where I’ll share my REAL story, tips and tricks, and answer your burning questions. We will discuss everything: expect heavy gossip, discussion of the best butts on YouTube, boy bands, tips on how to get started, how to deal with haters, twerking, Taco Bell, and being a professional fangirl. Your body is not ready for this. (Note: this is not my official signing where I’ll be meeting y’all – that is Saturday!)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

#TOPTHAT Live (9:30am-10:30am – Popsugar Booth) – come watch me and my co-host Becca Frucht film this week’s episode of “TOPTHAT” completely live. Expect plenty of moments where I forget that we’re filming and start cussing as well as audience participation.

Being LGBT on YouTube Panel (11am-12pm 304ABCD) – a forum where LGBT YouTubers (Panel: Davey Wavey; Tyler Oakley; Hannah Hart; Jenn Akroff Creator of Lesbian Answers; Meg Turney, Host, SourceFed) and their fans can come together to discuss issues impacting their community – and how YouTube can be a tool in overcoming them.

Official Tyler Oakley Signing/Meet & Greet (1pm-4pm Expo Hall) – this is where I’ll meet most of you… and it ain’t a regular signing, it’s a COOL SIGNING. You’ll see when you get to it. Also: if you’re a hugger, I’m a hugger. I also love taking pictures, so if you want to take one, come with a pose you have in mind – the more original and crazy, the better (note: I’m heavier than I look, so let’s avoid picking me up – it’s never a flattering angle.) ALSO! If you wear one of my shirts to my signing, I will do something very special with the picture we take! (You can get my shirt here or at VidCon itself at the District Lines booth – but get yours quick, they sell out VERY fast at these conferences!)


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