2013 VidCon: Signing Session Schedule

Friday, August 2nd 

9:00 AM: Alex Goot; Charlie McDonnell and Michael Aranda
9:30 AM: Sam Tsui
10:00 AM: Sam Pepper; Joey Graceffa; Jimmy Wong, Meghan Camarena, David Camarena, Ashley Adams; Brittani Louise Taylor; Luke Conrad; DJ Flula
11:00 AM: Smosh; Madilyn Bailey; King The Kid
12:00 PM: Troye Sivan; Grace Helbig; BriBry; This Star Won’t Go Out; Megan Nicole; Hilly and Hannah Hindi; Phil and Dan; The Hillywood Show
12:30 PM: Justine Ezarik
1:00 PM: Shane Dawson; Daneboe
2:00 PM: Smosh Games; Meekakitty and Nanalew; Eleventh Gorgeous; Charles and Alli Trippy; Miranda Sings; Emily Graslie and Michael Aranda; Hannah Hart; AwesomenessTV
2:30 PM: Tyler Ward
3:00 PM: Jimmyy Tatro

Saturday, August 3rd

9:00 AM: Charlie McDonnell, Michael Aranda and Liam Dryden; Zoe Sugg, Louise Pentland and Tanya Burr; Kingsley, Hank and John Green
10:00 AM: Smosh; Josh Sundquist; Evelina Barry; Davey Wavey; Kristina Horner; Julia Nunes; Steam Powered Giraffe
11:00 AM: Mitchell Davis
11:30 AM: Conner Manning
12:00 PM: Steve Kardynal; Tiffany Alord; Dulce Candy; Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Davey Wavey
1:00 PM: Alfie Deyes; Caspar Lee; Jim Chapman; Joe Sugg; Marcus Butler; Tyler Oakley; VGHS & Freddie Wong
2:00 PM: Gregory Brothers; Rebecca Black; My Music Cast; Felix Kjellberg; Rhett & Link; Philip DeFranco & SourceFed
2:00 PM: Polished
3:30 PM: Shane Dawson

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