‘Strangers’ by Sawyer Hartman: Review

Sawyer Hartman is a Youtuber and an aspiring director. I personally am a great of Sawyer’s sit down videos, short films and unique ‘Thru My Eyes’ videos documenting places he’s visited. Today he released his 25 minute horror short film entitled ‘Strangers’. This review will be completely honest and not biased.

Sawyer’s Youtube channel’s combined boast over 600000 subscribers. That number will be heading upwards. He is very talented and passionate. I tweeted him saying it’s great to see someone that determined and ambitious. He responded saying ‘I wanna blur the lines between film and the web’. That’s a cool answer.

Strangers is about William Scott and Summer Harrison who leave a restaurant one night after his proposal goes awry and their romantic evening is ruined. To make matters worse they’re haunted by mask wearing men and women who not only frighten them but do horrifying things to them.

Daniel Amerman (Mark Cherry on Arrested Development) is apart of the cast. He plays William, and Stephanie Underwood plays his girlfriend, Summer.

Horror films aren’t to my liking. The Scream quadrilogy are the only ones I’ve seen. I’m slightly too chicken to see any others but also it’s my lack of faith in the genre. Only a few movies have turned out well.

For a horror movie it wasn’t the scariest but the camerawork is to be commended. Sawyer is going to go very far in the future with his film career. I give it a B- .

Check out Sawyer on Youtube at /sawyerhartman to see Strangers, and /sawyerhartman2. OnTwitter and Instagram check out @sawyerhartman.


2 thoughts on “‘Strangers’ by Sawyer Hartman: Review

  1. I think it was good but it was rip off-ish . It was extremely similar to ” THE STRANGERS” starring Liv Tyler. I love Sawyer and his work, and I enjoyed this short film but I’ve seen it done before, so it wasn’t surprising or anything. I give it a C.

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