Petitioning against YouTube, Millbeeful’s account is GONE!

As of the 11/8/13 (8/11/13 for any Americans) Millbeeful’s YouTube account was shut down. YouTube claim its for inappropriate content. Millbeeful tweeted:

Ok I am having a total breakdown here, I made a mistake in editing and now my YouTube account is gone and so is my livelyhood.


Like many other YouTubers, Millbee makes a living off his account, so having it terminated is a huge blow.

The inappropriate content in question was a split-second of anime breasts in a game he plays on his channel. This game has been running for 72 episodes and he has never once messed up before. This simple editing mistake has cost him his account.

You can help here, sign the petition :

Follow Millbee’s twitter: /Millbeeful

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