Is Joey Graceffa Suing Nate Clark + ‘Storytellers’ News

Joey Graceffa caused quite a stir recently when his car was towed. Budding actor Nate Clark made a video sharing his tax returns amount and bashing Joey.

In Joey’s video the other day he ranted about how his life is so tough at the moment. Fans reacted angrily in the comments saying that he has nothing be annoyed and angry at.

Joey said in his most recent video that he would like to say why but for legal reasons he can’t. This could possibly mean that he’s pursuing legal action because of what Nate did.

In ‘Storytellers’ news Joey revealed some exciting news. Click here to be redirected to to see ticket options for the LA screenings of the series. Fans will be able to see episode 1 and 2.

Joey also revealed that in January he might be touring for Storytellers.

Check out Joey on Youtube at /joeygraceffa and on Twitter and Instagram @joeygraceffa .


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