We The Kings Album No.1 Worldwide

CTFxC vlogger Charles Trippy, a bassist, and his band We The Kings new album ‘Somewhere Somehow’ is no. 1 in many countries. Be sure to check it our.



Strawburry17 EP Out

Strawburry17 has teamed up with friend Luke, @ohsnapitsluke for an EP on iTunes today.

The EP is called ‘Sink or Swim’ and features five great tracks. Titles include Make Believe, Wildfire, and Sink or Swim.

Check out Meghan on Youtube at /strawburry17 .


Brittany Joyal Comes Out as Gay

Go you Brittany. We’re a massive supporter of Brittany Joyal. We vote for her to win SOS Island and earlier today she posted a different video.

She came out as gay. In the video she revealed she came out to her friends in March and her family in July. Go Brittany, we’re so proud.

Check out Brittany on Youtube at /heybritttany .



Vlogmas 2013

Vlogmas is an annual vlogging everyday til Christmas programming on Youtubers vlog channels. Check out below who’s doing Vlogmas.

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