Mamrie Hart & Grace Helbig Announce ‘#HeyUSA’

Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig announced their new series #HeyUSA at a keynote during 2014 VidCon.

Here is Variety’s report on the series

“#HeyUSA” will follow the comedy duo as they visit a city per week, guided by the true experts: the locals. Helbig and Hart, real-life best friends, will rely on fan tweets and suggestions to determine where to go and what they do in each locale. Fans will be able to watch the hosts’ adventure in three weekly videos that piece together the real-time moments that they share via Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Premiering July 1 on YouTube, “#HeyUSA” was created by Billy Parks and Nick Shore of Astronauts Wanted, the transmedia production company led by former MTV Networks CEO Judy McGrath. Parks and Shore are executive producing the series with Ken Treusch (Bleecker Street Entertainment).



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