Sanne Vliegenthart: Booktuber Extraordinaire

Youtube – what a glorious platfrom. In August 2012, I was introduced to an American Youtuber called Joey Graceffa. Since then, my acquired taste for different genres has mellowed – I am susceptible to liking almost any genre. I like to spread myself out when it comes to Youtube. Beauty gurus – yes I’m a straight male who loves to learn how to perfect a killer winged eyeliner or see monthly favourites. Gamers. Daily vloggers, like the aforementioned Joey Graceffa. In 2014, I stumbled upon a new area of Youtube. When watching beauty vlogger Estée Lalonde, commonly referred to as Essie Button, collaborate with an unknown chestnut-haired beauty I was intrigued. Sanne Vliegenthart, a young Dutch woman living in London. The floodgate was open. Booktube. Booktubers – well if you haven’t already gathered, purvey in the literary area. Sanne is at the forefront of that, boasting 125000+ subscribers to her channel which is quirkily titled Books and Quills.

Sanne introduced me to novels, graphic novels and other miscellaneous categories and titles which have since enhanced the joy of reading for me. Heretofore, reading was something I’ve always enjoyed but since discovering Sanne I have fallen madly, deeply in love with it. Her informative, unique and enthralling reviews are my favourites. If Sanne makes a recommendation I can be sure that I am in good hands. Not only does she review books, she invents singular challenges to play on her channel. Entertaining games such as a bookish would you rather, or her notable Dutch speakwords videos (which sees her make a guest guess literal translations of words in her native tongue of Dutch). Screen & Pixels is another episodic creation, in which Sanne discusses films, plays, magazines and other cool things – some of which has found on the vast internet. More recently, Sanne has been interviewing esteemed authors on her Youtube channel. Veronica Roth, author of the renowned Divergent series was interviewed by Sanne. A fun Q&A with anarchic and witty author – Caitlin Moran (who penned the hilarious How to Build a Girl semi-autobiographical, fiction novel).

Sanne is a captivating young woman. Her cropped tresses are of a rich auburn hue, and they are complemented by her alabaster complexion. Sanne’s meticulously applied make-up isn’t the only thing that would warrant beauty-guru status. Sanne and friend Marion collaborate for beauty channel Derpina Mode (stylised as derpinaMODE). Derpina Mode isn’t your average mammoth, commercialistic beauty channel. It specialises in cruelty free make-up – something which Sanne is passionate about. The niche channel will no doubt expand as more and more people become aware of large corporations methods of producing the finish product.


Sanne, 25, is now living in London – having moved to England’s primate city in 2012 with American friend Marion, from the previously mentioned Derpina Mode channel. She has since cultivated a large presence on Youtube (almost 500 videos and a plethora of subscribers). With a drool worthy Instagram and witty Twitter accounts, Sanne made me up my social media game. The Dutch native works at Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press as digital and social media manager. I love Sanne’s honest, straight-forward style. She isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. Her videos are precisely edited, and she doesn’t ramble (or else the editing has masqueraded that). I have 155 subscriptions and Sanne’s concise video style is refreshing, amongst the sea of lengthy videos in my subscription box.

The future is bright for Sanne. As the spotlight shifts towards the Booktube folk (more and more Booktubers are popping up), Sanne is a luminary in the field. The established vlogger has an ardent fan base with a common interest, it is refreshing to see her comments as an open discussion rather than a war zone between fans. Sanne is a unique personality on an upward trajectory. I’m excited to see her soar.


Paul McLauchlan   Editor-in-Chief


Joey Graceffa Comes Out as Gay

Youtube superstar Joey Graceffa has come out as gay! At the end of a new music video – posted yesterday to coincide with the release of his book – Joey kisses his boyfriend, Daniel Preda. We are so happy that Joey decided to share this information with us, his viewers! The song is called ‘Don’t Wait’ and the video is a glimpse inside Joey’s childhood and his book. It is available to purchase on iTunes. His book can be bought at most bookstores from May 19th! Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 19.38.50 maxresdefault