Shane Dawson Comes Out as Bisexual

Shane Dawson came out as bisexual in a tearful video the other day. The ‘Not Cool’ director has decided to share a big part of his life with us, his fans, and we are going to continue to show him the support he deserves. We’re so proud of you Shane. _____________________________ His ex-girlfriend Lisa Schwartz released a heartbreaking video on July 9th. Click here to view that. Shane’s BFF Trisha Paytas tweeted:

most real video on youtube. LOVE YOU SHANE!!!!! this video will help so many people in so many ways <333

Joey Graceffa tweeted:

So incredibly happy and proud of He’s inspired me so much through the years & still does! ❤

Tyler Oakley tweeted:

proud of for sharing his truth. bi-erasure is an issue in the LGBTQ+ community & visibility saves lives


Paul McLauchlan   Editor-in-Chief


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