Gabriella Lindley x Primark: YouTuber Collaboration

Gabriella Lindley, or VelvetGh0st to some, has collaborated with British high street label Primark (or Penney’s in Ireland for a capsule collection of homeware. This is the first Youtube collaboration for the conglomerate. The collection, launching August 18, features cushions, pillows, a bed spread and an eye-mask inspired by her cat Nellie. These pieces will be sought after by Lindley’s fans. Also, by partnering with such a recognisable brand, there will be new subscribers heading to her channel.



Speaking to Jodie Jones,’s style editor, Lindley explains why she wanted to collaborate with Primark:

I’ve always loved Primark homeware. If you look back at my Youtube channel, you’ll see I’ve always made videos with Primark homeware. I think it’s so affordable and such nice quality, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s so good for my audience as well, who are mostly school and university age, and just want something affordable that looks nice to re-do their room.



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