Book Corner: ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green

‘Paper Towns’ (published originally in 2007, Dutton Books), another novel from YouTuber and Best Selling Author John Green, focuses on Quentin or “Q” a boy who vehemently opposes prom and has a passionate love for the Margo Roth Spiegelman, the adventurous, mysterious girl in his grade. They grew up together but went other ways in high school, so when Quentin finds Margo at his window at night he is baffled to say the least. The two go on an all night spree of revenge, dishing out justice on those who have done them wrong.


Quentin eagerly awaits the next day of school, when the two might be friends, when he might sit with the popular kids. But Margo never shows up. She doesn’t show up the next day. Or the day after that. All she has left is a metaphorical trail of breadcrumbs, clues that only Quentin will understand: underlined poetry, hidden notes, et cetera. Quentin, with three of his friends, manage to pinpoint Margo’s location, a 20 hour road trip away. But there’s a problem. Margo planned to leave her location after 19 hours. The group go on a road trip, ditching graduation in the process, to find Margo. They are timed to the second, rushing about gas stations and sleeping in shifts. Though it remains unclear if Margo was ever meant to be found. This book provides a heart racing climax to many chapters of tension build up, but overall the ending was rather disappointing as closure never truly was provided.

Eoin O’Brien    Contributing Writer


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