Vid Con 2015: Beauty and the Brand Panel


Beauty and the Brand panel was held yesterday during Vid Con 2015 @ Room 204. Moderated by Chrystina Woody, VP of Communications at StyleHaul, the panel featured the beauty niche’s top faces; Fleur de Force, Nikki Phillippi, Jair Woo, Elle & Blair Fowler.

The gurus discussed changing brand strategies, and how conglomerates are listening to YouTube beauty gurus a lot more.

Nikki Phillippi said: “My content has changed a lot. I started on my iPhone talking about beauty products.”//”I was hesitant at first, but learned how to keep the integrity of my channel AND work with brands.”

Jair Woo said: “I have a blog too, but I saw more growth and opportunity in video content.”

Blair Fowler (or JuicyStar07) said: “I was sixteen [working with Marie Claire] and the youngest makeup artist ever at New York Fashion Week.”

Fleur de Force said: “The best way to get on brand’s radar is talking about them in your content. And if you love them anyway, that’s natural.”


Georgia Moore    Beauty Editor



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