Vid Con 2015: Women on Youtube Panel


The “Women on YouTube” panel was as inspiring as it was empowering. It featured many panellists (as listed below) who spoke about what it can be like to work hard on YouTube work when you are a woman.

The panell left many audience member’s feeling optimistic about a time when both genders will be truly equal in the workplace and many women tweeted about how they felt empowered. The Women who composed the panel answered many questions about struggles that way may faced.

The aforementioned panellists with their Twitter handles are listed below:

Laci Green (@gogreen18)

Akilah Hughes (@AkilahObviously)

Rosianna Halse Rojas (@papertimelady)

Anna Akana (@AnnaAkanna)

Lex Croucher (@lexcanroar)


Here are some reactions to the panel:

Rache Luebcke said “The women on YouTube panel was so freaking amazing & empowering. Just terrific. #VidCon”.

Becky exclaimed “Amazing women, amazing panel”.

Sarah & W said “[Laci Green] & Anna Akana & the rest of the Women on Youtube panel are killing it on the main-stage. Very empowering. #VidCon #proud2bfemale


Eoin O’Brien    Contributing Writer


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