Youtuber “Kalel Kitten” finds out what its like to be caught up in controversy!

Kalel Kitten, or Kristen Smith to call her by her birth name, recently posted the following on her Twitter in regards to the tragic murder of Cecil the lion:

still struggling to understand how so many are sad over the murder of a lion when they themselves contribute to animal murder on the daily

and she then followed it up with:

what makes it okay to kill one animal but not another? really think about that one.

She received a plethora of responses outlining the invalidity of her argument including; “Vegan diets are expensive and not everyone can afford that lifestyle”, “lions are an endangered species”, “Cecil was in a wildlife reserve”, and “We aren’t lesser human beings purely because we eat meat”.

Most noticeably, Kalel recieved various valid opinions and expressions of fact from a handful of individuals (names withheld for privacy purposes). A review of each of these peoples’ twitter accounts, my own included, shows that they are all teenagers, all being approximately sixteen years old. Kalel responded to our valid and civil points by calling us all ignorant and saying that we should be ashamed of themselves, because we are “murderers”. She even went as far as tweeting directly at me (@eoinobrien_) with a picture of a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer that read, “The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate”. I then responded with various points about how Kalel is tearing down the teenagers who idolise her, pointing out that responses of these type are what lead to low self-esteem, depression and suicide. I said:

It felt like being stabbed. A women I idolised tore me down with one tweet. And every person who retweeted or favourited her tweet just twisted the knife the she had stabbed me with.

I later posted three screenshots outlining an apology for anything that I said in the heat of the moment but that I refuses to feel bad for eating meat. Despite the attention that the tweet got, including retweets and favourites that would all notify Kalel, the YouTuber refused to accept the olive branch that has been offered.

So if you’re to take something away from this, remember that when you have someone who looks up to you, the worst thing imaginable is to tear them down because they will either never recover or they will rise from the ashes and they will be strong enough to take you down.


Eoin O’Brien, Contributing Writer


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