Whitney Milam: Youtuber, Producer, Writer

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Whitney Milam is the very first person we’ve interviewed for Youtuber News. This is exciting. The UCLA-graduate is synonymous with cool and answered some questions for us! If you don’t lnow who she is then you mustn’t have seen the title. She produced and starred in the hit webseries ‘School of Thrones’ (a parody of the hit show) and has a Kickstarter going at the moment to fund her next project with Michael Gallagher and Joey Graceffa. Here are the questions we asked Whitney!

School of Thrones is so hilarious and for Game of Thrones fans is the best parodical work to be created. How does that make you feel?
That’s extremely kind of you to say! I was thrilled to see hardcore Game of Thrones fans respond well to it since our team was made up of some of the most hardcore Game of Thrones fans you’ll ever meet.

You play Margaery Tyrell on the webseries. Is she your favourite character and if not who is?
I do adore Margaery Tyrell. Margaery Tyrell for all the thrones. Natalie Dormer’s performance this season was just magnificent – she’s one of the most nuanced and subtle characters, a joy to read, watch, and play.

How much work goes into these projects? Aspiring filmmakers, writers and producers (like yourself) will be interested to know.
Many many months of pre-production, production, and post-production, along with tons of sleepless nights! Producing a web series is a huge undertaking with a massive amount of work involved, but if you do your job right it should seem effortless.

You’re working with Joey Graceffa and Michael Gallagher on upcoming series ‘Storytellers’. Can you tell us a little about that?
I am! Our Kickstarter went live just a few days ago with a brief teaser. It’s ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ meets ‘Skins’, and I’m both producing and writing. We’re all extremely excited to get started.

You’re apart of every fandom which is so great. Which one do you feel you have the strongest connection to?
I started out in the Harry Potter fandom and my heart never really left!

We love watching your videos at Youtuber News, what inspired you to pursue Youtube?
I was pushed to start making videos by all my extremely talented YouTuber friends. I love creative collaboration and it’s always fun to work on video projects with people I enjoy not only as creators but also as friends.

Do you have any exciting projects regarding webseries or films coming up?
Storytellers is my main side project right now but who knows where the future will lead!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Making movies – video is fun, but film is my true passion.

Check out Whitney on Twitter @wmilam and @ExtraWhitney and on Youtube /whitneyleemilam .