‘SMOSH: The Movie’ Los Angeles Premiere

‘Smosh: The Movie’ premiere was held at the Westwood Village Theatre in Westwood in Los Angeles, California.

The second YouTube-to-movie premiere of the week (the first being LoveLaurenElizabeth and Jennxpenn’s ‘Bad Night’ on Tuesday), the event was attended by some of YouTube’s biggest names. Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Meghan Rienks (aka MeghanRosette), Joey Graceffa, Lauren Luthringshausen, Jenn McAllister and more were in attendance.


Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, the duo behind Smosh, were also presented their Madame Tussauds’s wax figures.

Smosh: The Movie is out tomorrow, July 24 in the US and online.


All photos: zimbio.com

Paul McLauchlan   Editor-in-Chief


Morezoella & More Hit Youtube Milestones

Two famous Youtubers have hit amazing milestones.

British beauty guru Zoella hit 1 million subscribers on her second channel morezoella. She has passed 2 million on her main channel.

Zoe’s brother, Joe aka ThatcherJoe, also hit 1 million the other night. A lot of the famous British Youtubers are over a million by now.

Shane Dawson hit 3 million subscribers on his iPhone channel where he puts up videos everyday except Saturday. The dedicated Youtuber who recently sold his TV series to NBC has over 11 million Youtube subscribers over three channels.

Anthony & Kalel’s channel WatchUsLiveandStuff can also join the million club. They just released their one milllionth video where they showed failed vlogging attempts and did a lengthy Q&A.

Kalel Cullen & Anthony Padilla: Engaged


Popular Youtubers Kalel Cullen (a.k.a. Kalel Kitten) and Anthony Padilla (of SMOSH) are currently in Japan vacationing. They’ve been documenting their visit on their new vlog channel Watch Us Live and Stuff.

In their most recent vlog, Anthony proposed to Kalel, putting the camera down on a bench and whipping out the ring. Kalel was completely shocked.

Their friends are now tweeting their congratulations and excitement. Luke Conard, Michael Gallagher, Ray William Johnson and Tanya Burr are some Youtubers that have tweeted them, as well as loads of fans.

Check Anthony out on Youtube at /smosh and /watchusliveandstuff, on Twitter and Instagram @anthonypadilla . Check Kalel out on Youtube at /wonderlandwardrobe and on Twitter and Instagram @kalelkitten .