Teen Choice Awards 2015: Choice Web Winners

YouTubers were out in force at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Our favourite YouTubers were nominated. Here are the list of winners and nominations.

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Vid Con 2015: Power of Words Panel

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The Power of Words panel (24th of July), on the Kia Main-stage, dealt with many topical issues including, but not limited to, harassment, shaming, call-outs, privilege, being a good ally, and tone-policing.

Many of these issues can be connected to huge occurences in pop culture that have offended many people, thus proving the effects that misspeaking can have.

The panel included:

John Green (@JohnGreen)

Meghan Tonjes (@Meghan Tonjes)

Dan Howell (@Danisnotonfire)

Alli Speed (@AlliSpeed)

Connor Franta (@ConnorFranta)

Felicia Day (@FeliciaDay)

Phil Lester (@AmazingPhil)


Here are some reactions:

Dave said: “Great talk on the power of words.”

Aric said: “Panel on power of words dealt with harassment, shaming, call-outs, privilege, being a good ally, & tone-policing. Very topical.”

Maria said: “This Power of Words panel is so, so good!”

Will said: “Ughhh – [Alli Speed] is KILLING IT on the Power of Words panel”


Eoin O’Brien   Contributing Writer

New Strawburry17 Merch on the Way?

Meghan Camarena, a.k.a. Strawburry17, showed a bag in a recent vlog and said we won’t get to see what’s in that until August 5th. Next she instagrammed ’25 days. One fan pointed out that’s August 5th.

The stealth operation, may have been revealed by Meghan’s cousin Princess (@princessprinco) who tweeted this:

Shot some BTS of Strawburry17 merch shoot. Ya’ll looked great! @KalelKitten @smpfilms @Katersoneseven @ConnorFranta @Nikki Phillippi (cont.)

In the following tweet she tagged Jimmy Wong (Meghan’s boyfriend), Joey Graceffa, Jenn McAllister (jennxpenn) and David Camarena (Meghan’s brother).

Are you as excited as we are to see the results of this shoot, we are.

Check out Meghan on Youtube at /Strawburry17 and /Lifeburry, and on Twitter and Instagram @strawburry17 .


My First Time Tag: The New Draw My Life?

Remember when Sam Pepper started Draw My Life and practically every Youtuber joined in and drew their lives. Well, I think we have a new Draw My Life: ‘My First Time’.

Shane Dawson did the first My First Time back in January but it was two weeks ago that Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter started it up again.

Alfie Deyes of Pointlessblogtv followed in suit and did the tag and then Connor Franta uploaded his first time tag. Do you think this is the new Draw My Life?

Check out Shane on Youtube at /shane , Louise at /sprinkleofglitter , Alfie at /pointlessblogtv and Connor at /connorfranta .

Taco Bell’s #CantinaQuesadilla Party

Taco Bell is a famous Mexican chain restaurant in America. Founded in 1962, they’ve just released a new menu addition “Cantina Quesadilla’s”.

A launch party was held in Los Angeles recently and a lot of Youtubers turned up for the celebration. They included, Hannah Hart, Rebecca Black, Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon.

Also in attendance were Meghan Camarena and her brother David, Doug A (he’s visiting from the U.K.) and Joey Graceffa.

Have you tried Taco Bell’s new addition. Tweet us @YoutuberNews1 using the #cantinaquesadillas telling us what you think of them!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


Connor Franta vs. Shane Dawson

In Joey Graceffa’s vlog yesterday he was hanging out with Shane Dawson. Shane brought up the impressions videos and said “you and your little friend were doing”, talking about Connor Franta.

Connor hit back on twitter with:

@ShaneDawson I heard what you said about me in Joey’s new vlog, Shane! I am not just a “little friend,” I am a person with feelingsssssss 😂

Shane hasn’t replied to Connor’s tweet.

Check out Connor on Youtube at /connorfranta and /connorfranta2 and on Twitter and Instagram @connorfranta. Check out Shane on Youtube at /shanedawsontv and /shane and on Twitter and Instagram @shanedawson .