Troye Sivan Announces ‘Wild’ Pre-Order

Australian singer Troye Sivan is currently in London, England. He announced the pre-order for his 6-song album this morning.

The album is available for pre-order on and on iTunes.

Additionally, Troye revealed for the ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ trilogy, which fans are speculating is a series of videos to coincide with some of the songs.

Check out the video here.

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Vid Con 2015: Troye Sivan Announces Album ‘Wild’

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After months of waiting, fans of Troye Sivan were finally happy when the Australian announced his debut album ‘Wild’.

“WILD” is an opening instalment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce you guys to all of the music i’ve got coming in 2015. I couldn’t be prouder, and can’t wait for you guys to hear this. thank you from the bottom of my heart, endlessly.

If you go to TROYESIVAN.COM you will be directed to Troye’s Tumblr page. On there will be an opportunity to download ‘Wild’ images. They are all Photoshop-able and fans have been making new Twitter icons using the package. The password to unlock it is “blueneighbourhood”.

We are looking forward to the release of Wild, are you?

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Troye Sivan Hits 1 Million Subscribers

South African-born Australian actor and Youtuber extraordinaire Troye Sivan has hit one million subscribers.

Many Youtubers have hit 1 million subscribers this year including Tanya Burr, Joey Graceffa, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee and more. Now Troye has joined the list. Connor Franta has 996000 at the moment so look out for that post in the coming days.

Click here to watch Troye’s 1 million subscribers montage video.

Check out Troye on Youtube at /troyesivan18, on Twitter, instagram and Tumblr at /troyesivan .


Troye Sivan Comes Out

My respect for Troye Sivan in his new video is phenomenal.

The 18 year old Australian Youtuber and actor came out to his family 3 years ago, today he came out to his fans.

His good friends Danisnitonfire, Pointlessblogtv, Marcus Butler, Zoella, and Catrific have all tweeted their support and love to Troye.

Many will be inspired by Troye’s bravery. He is a great person, a great actor and an inspiration. All at the tender age of 18. Good for you Troye.

Check out Troye on Youtube at /troyesivan and @troyesivan on Twitter.