DigiTour 2013

The digiTour begins in Chicago on Wednesday. Below is a list of Youtubers heading on the trip.
They will be visiting
Oct 3rd : Chicago
Oct 4th : Toronto
Oct 5th Philadelphia
Oct 6th: NYC

Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorf, JC Caylen, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley

Main Six
Tanya Burr
Jim Chapman
Caspar Lee
Alfie Deyes
Marcus Butler

Also Attending
Sawyer Hartman
Luke Conard
Tiffany Alvord


Joey Graceffa’s ‘Storytellers’: Cast Reveal

Storytellers is Joey Graceffa’s Kickstarter and IndieGogo funded project which will be hitting the web sometime in October/November. Below is mini bios of the cast and a picture

Joey is playing Hunter Crowley

Pierson Fode has guest starred on iCarly and is playing Blazer Wallace.

Kristina Cole stars in the upcoming horror and thriller film After Effect. She plays Joey’s characters girlfriend, Skylar Evans.

Devyn Smith plays Celia Crowley.

Jake Thomas is the most famous member of the cast. He starred as Lizzie McGuire’s younger brother Matt. He plays Finn Shah.

Jessica Hu plays Mai Hiumera.


#FLIRTALERT: Sawyer Hartman & Ingrid Nilsen

Missglamorazzi was rumoured to be going out with Christopher Erwin who is the Head of Vertical Operations at Youtube network Big Frame.

On Twitter last night Sawyer Hartman (Ingrid and her ex-boyfriend Luke Conard’s) friend tweeted something to which Ingrid replied. Tyler Oakley chimed in with the #FLIRTALERT.

What are your views on this?

Sawyer’s new film ‘Hijacked’ is expected Saturday so subscribe to /sawyerhartman for that.


John Green Brings Fans on ‘TFiOS’ Set

VidCon creator and 1/2 of the VlogBrothers John Green is a bestselling author.

He is currently in Pittsburgh on the set of his tearful and oh so eloquent novel’s adaptaion into a movie. The Faults in Our Stars follows two cancer survivors Hazel and Gus, who fall in love,

John is my favourite author for the realism used in books. I’m not the fastest reader but I read TFiOS in 24 hours literally. That happened.

Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley are both featured in John’s set vlog.

Joey Graceffa Hits 2 Million Subscribers

Four months ago Joey Graceffa hit 1 million subscribers and announced his upcoming project.

Now he has just hit 2 million subscribers. Once you hit 1 milllion the amount of subscribers you have skyrocket.

Also his project Storytellers will begin shooting next week.

Check out Joey on Youtube at /joeygraceffa and on Twitter and Instagram @joeygraceffa.