Ricky Dillon’s Statement About Connor Franta Leaving O2L

Ricky Dillon released a statement via TwitLonger regarding Connor Franta’s departure from supergroup Our 2nd Life. Here it is.

everyone please read, regarding o2l and connor i have so much to say. first off i want you all to know that everything is going to be okay. my biggest worry with all of this was YOU guys. obviously this is hard and everyone has the right to be upset. but i really want you guys to be okay, i love you guys all so much and your happiness is the most important thing to me.
i dont want any stupid and false rumors to start about connor and the rest of us, everything he said in his video is 100% true i promise. we didn’t get in a fight or anything, no one is mad at each other. this was his decision, something he needed to do for himself and we back him up and support him 100% because he IS family. I’m not gonna say connor is “like” family because he literally is our family. so please believe me when i say that i promise nothing is wrong between us. if anything, we’ve all become even closer. i dont want anyone out there to be mad at anyone. this isn’t anyones fault and i just want everyone to be ok. please dont blame anyone for anything. this is just something that we all need to get through together and all support one another ❤ the last thing i want to see on twitter is people getting mad at someone else, blaming someone, false rumors starting, or even worse things. as far as the future of o2l goes, i want you guys to know that we are most definitely NOT replacing connor in any way. we’re not just gonna move on and forget about him. he will always be apart of o2l. you guys have created such an amazing fandom for us, and its become even bigger than that and turned into this amazing and supportive family that we’re forever grateful for. and nothing about that will change, connor is still apart of this family just like he’s always been so please dont think otherwise. i already saw people asking this but no we’re not gonna replace connor or mondays, that’ll always be connors day. it would not feel right otherwise. as for the other 5 of us, we are still going to continue with o2l with connor's support. we dont want to end this. obviously it won’t be the same without connor on the channel but we are going to put 110% effort into everything for you guys. i personally do everything i do to make you guys happy, I’m hoping we can get through this with a positive mindset and support connor’s decision. i do youtube and o2l to make you guys happy and thats still what I’m going to do. we’re doing o2l for you ❤ connor will always be apart of the family i promise he is not going anywhere. and i promise everything is ok between connor and the rest of us. i love connor so much, he’s one of the most important people in my life and I’m so close to him. he is an amazing brother to me and nothing between us will change, so i really dont want you guys to worry about any of that.
i dont really know what else to say, connor pretty much said it all in his video. just please please know that everything will be ok and that i love you all so much and everything i do is for your happiness. i want to do whatever i can to make you guys happy. this is obviously hard, but we will all get through it. lets show connor love and support ❤
connor i love you so much and i will always support you buddy!


Connor Franta Leaves O2L

Connor Franta posted his very last video for Our 2nd Life today.

The Youtube personality felt everything was becoming too overwhelming and that his content was lacking.

His split is in no relation to his relationships with the other five guys on the collab channel. In fact Connor assures that they fully support his decision.

We fully support Connor as he embarks on this new chapter in his life.
Here is the video: http://youtu.be/h9HvKRUnWp8